Each day I have a ritual of journaling the benefits are monumental. Yesterday’s journal was too good not to share. By now you know I’m an open book when I feel it can aid another, so I’m sharing the unfiltered version from yesterday’s entry.
I asked myself what would thrill me? In other words, what would make me so excited that I’d be in a frenzy?

Take something to the next level. Something that goes to the extreme of excellence.

As I thought about what this really meant, I realized it didn’t have to be a mammoth goal.
What about simple things done at the level of extreme excellence? For example, the next email, how you carry yourself when you walk, the language you choose in your next conversation. Maybe you’ll rock out that laundry like no tomorrow vs the rushed just-get-it-done, wrinkled mess and missing sock fashion.

What would happen to our lives if we took all the small simple things and conquered them at the level of extreme excellence?

They’d add up. All those little sources of excellence would stack upon themselves. How would we begin to feel? I ask, how could we feel anything other than awesome?! Clearly my frenzy was starting to build! We can have absolute certainty over this, right here, right now! It’s so simple, yet completely transformative.
I can see where some might punch holes in this and say you’re condoning being a perfectionist. That’s not the point. This is about raising your standards to a higher level of quality so that you feel good about what you produce.

Get momentum by starting with small victories that will compound and grow your confidence and ability to do larger things at the level of excellence.

One of the most profound things I learned with Tony Robbins is that progress, any progress, makes you feel good. That’s what this is about - not perfectionism.
Stacking excellence by doing simple things at the level of extreme excellence.  Brilliant. Thank you, New England for the snow storm that forced me to take a breath from tax season and rewarded me with this gem.
I hope this sparks your own frenzy!