I’ve been trying to think of the perfect topic for my first post back to you after what I feel has been an entirely too long. I realized I was making the gap longer because I wasn’t coming up with what I felt was the perfect re-entry. Until I realized that’s the point. We’re not always perfect in our work. Yet we feel we must be and put this incredible pressure on ourselves to get everything right all the time.

So what do we do when we fall short of our own standards? Even more drilling, WHY are we falling short? What is causing you to not be ‘perfect’? What’s off? Why are you not happy? Is it your role? There’s an endless list of questions you can ask to drill down as to why you’re in a funk and not in the glory of flow. When I’m ‘not perfect’ it usually means something is off and needs adjusting.

Here is the one word that I find rectifies all of this - clarity. Until you gain clarity the level of dissatisfaction and frustration mount.

The good part is no matter what it will push you towards your answer. You might not think you are moving towards bitter sweet clarity when you’re in the thick of frustration but you are. Movement exists at all times, right. Dissatisfaction is the ultimate driver of catapulting us forward.

Sometimes I struggle with the vision and direction of my work and thus business. I dip down for a host of reasons.

I think anyone who owns a business cannot separate them-selves from it. If you struggle with the vision of the business then you are struggling with the vision of your own path.

In my opinion, knowing the direction you want to take is the hardest thing to gain clarity on. This is the root cause of my dipping down and affects everything in my life. So how do you gain clarity that will re-ignite and get you fired back up?

I gain clarity a few ways, I write and talk. Writing or journaling is my #1 go to and countless game changer for me on gaining clarity and re-igniting myself. In essence you write the problem, clear your mind and listen, jotting down whatever comes with no judgement. With practice you become skilled at getting your own direction. Opening up and talking is my other go-to. I’m not suggesting you air your dirty laundry all over the valley! You do however need someone you can be totally open with, free from judgement barriers. If you don’t open, they can’t hear you, and therefore can’t help you. It’s simply not effective. Be sure this is someone you respect and will put their knowledge at a high level. When you find these people treat them like the priceless treasure they are.

When you find yourself in a place where you don’t feel you are ‘perfect’ and sitting in mounting frustration, try a few of these techniques to re-ignite yourself and get back in the saddle. Remember delaying for perfection is what likely got you into the problem to begin with.

Search for your epiphany, let it click and you’ll be right back to full throttle! Just remember, none of us are perfect in our work and sometimes we need to lean to bring us back.