Taxes tend to strike fear in us, but only if we’re unprepared. We’ll help you navigate it all, get organized, stay compliant, and search for ways to save on taxes.


All tax clients receive a free online portal used to electronically send/receive documents, sign forms, access prior year returns and complete handy tax organizers to help ensure you have everything needed.

The portal is secure and accessible 24.7


What kind of taxes do we do?

  • Personal 

  • Business 

  • Nonprofit 

  • Trust & Estate

  • Gift  

Do you need a plan?

Yes you do. If you've ever been hit with a surprise tax bill or have fluctuating income, you likely need tax planning done throughout the year.   

Tax planning puts you in control versus waiting for the verdict. For people with fluctuating incomes this is highly recommended. Tax planning is a collaboration we do together, typically in the fall. We discuss how the year is going, obtain year-to-date numbers, help you project the remaining year profit, and prepare the tax projection. This provides you with an estimate of current year taxes owed so that we can strategize possible tax saving opportunities and adjust quarterlies up or down.


Who do we work with?

We serve hundreds of folks with a wide range of tax complexity and income levels, from young families to retirees. Our long-time specialty is small/medium sized business accounting, taxes and consulting. We don't believe in minimum asset values or net worth when taking on new clients. Character means more to us and we're selective on who we work with. 


What's the process like?

At the end of 2022 we became a remote firm. That means we do not have a physical office location anymore and the team works remotely from home. Tax clients send us their documents two ways, mailing them to our PO Box or uploading them to our free, secure, online portal. Each tax client can have their own personal portal used to send and receive info and copies of your tax returns, it's the most secure way to collaborate. Our team is all locally based. Any mailed docs come directly and stay with partners, Shannon & Bill.  

Once we have your records we'll contact you regarding any missing information. We'll always talk with you about unusual items or swings. Once your return is ready you have the option of receiving a paper copy or a pdf copy inside your portal. Signatures can be done on paper or electronically. We have clients all over the country so we make every effort to provide the easiest method to collaborate with us.