Sending Documents through Portal

Steps to send OnaWay documents using your portal

Sending documents through your OnaPortal is a secure and immediate way to send us sensitive documents. If you are concerned about security, turn on the multi-authentication feature for an added layer of security support which will require a security code that's texted to an app on your cell phone anytime you log into your portal. Use the steps below to send us documents or a Quickbooks file anytime you'd like.

  1. Login to your OnaWay portal

  2. Select File Exchange in the upper left corner of your dashboard 

  3. Select the folder that best matches what you are trying to do. All folder options will send documents to us. 

  4. Click on the upload icon 

  5. Use the "Drag files here" box to drag and drop your document in, or select Add Files and browse to where they are saved on your computer.

    TIP: Sending pdf files is more reliable, better image and easier for us to use. If you cannot send as a pdf file we'll try using image files. Double check all files are readable before sending to us.
    TIP: We'll be working with the files you send, arranging them in an orderly fashion helps us and we appreciate that! 

  6. Select Start Upload once all files are attached. We will receive an automatic email that you have sent us documents and have processes to grab data daily.