Unlimited thinking - I read about it numerous times over the years, yet struggled to understand exactly what it was and its benefits.  I’ve tried for years to use unlimited thinking but fell into the pitfalls that I’ll describe below.  My unlimited thinking break-through came at last and I didn’t even know it until afterwards!  The results were amazing.  In this write I want to help you unlock your unlimited thinking potential and help you avoid the pitfalls I struggled with.  The whole goal of unlimited thinking is to get you past your road blocks, whatever they might be, and cruising along the path you’re meant to be on.  This concept applies to any roadblock, business or personal.  

So what is unlimited thinking?  It’s allowing you to think with no limit or bias. 

Let that sink in a moment.  No limits, no bias.  ‘Can’t’ doesn’t exist.  You allow total freedom to think expansively in any direction.  Any option is possible.  Any idea is ok to ponder.  You use your imagination to envision different possibilities.  The possibilities no matter how different, far reaching, or impossible are potential solutions.  No limits, no bias.  The solutions can be something you have never done before.  Sounds easy right?  Here’s what makes it hard.

When you attempt to think about solutions or alternatives, your brain puts up limits based on all kinds of things.  The biggies I’ve found are your current situation, past experiences, and belief systems.  You filter your ideas and thoughts based on what you have already experienced in the past.  Your brain wants to keep you safe, so anything it deems too risky it brings out fear to keep you safely tucked within your comfort zone.  Even if that comfort zone makes you unhappy or holds you back. 

Belief systems shade our perspectives.  This is not religious belief systems, but how you tend to view the world.  The old saying, the cup half full or empty is a good visual to grasp this concept.  It might sound silly but belief systems are POWERFUL and can make or break you.  If you have a negative belief system every thought will be clouded in why it won’t work or why you can’t do something.  You are out of the race at the start gate.  Instead of your brain being allowed the freedom to think of all kinds of alternatives it will be busy creating all the reason why you can’t. 

Before any unlimited thinking can be had you must change your belief system to one of hope and excitement that there is a solution to a better way. 

By shifting your belief system you shift the whole dynamic allowing your brain to seek something totally new and different to solve your problem.  Now you can see why I said there are so many pitfalls!  We limit ourselves in countless ways and don’t even realize it.  Your job is to not get in your own way and be open to new ideas and perspectives. 
Here are some steps to help you unlock your unlimited thinking potential:

  1. Awareness that change is needed.  You must admit to yourself you need to make a change and that it’s worth the effort.
  1. Get over the fear of change.  All you are doing is thinking here, there’s no reason for fear.  Push past the limiting fear and allow your brain to expand into new horizons in search of answers.  When you get there, excitement squashes fear.  
  2. Make sure your belief system allows for hope and excitement of the new.  Sometimes you must fake it in the beginning until you start to feel there’s a chance for the new.  You’ll eventually get a spark of hope when an idea excites you.
  3. Let the thoughts flow.  Don’t shoot them down based on your past experiences, current situation or belief systems.   Ask LOTS of questions.  Why, why why.  Drill down to the core issues and let those random thoughts flow freely.
  4. Write it down.  I always write down what I call my left field ideas.  They feel they came out of nowhere.  Why?  Because they are not colored by your limited thoughts/beliefs.  Come back to them and start thinking about the idea’s potential. 
  5. Be ready for the zing of excitement when the solution clicks.  You’ll know it when it happens.  The flood gates seem to open and everything starts clicking. I call this effortless flow.
  6. Do it.  Be smart about it of course.  There is a fine line between risk and reward.  Where fear can be overcome and you jump out of the rut and feel the excitement of moving forward.

We all get tripped up sometimes and don’t know what to do next.  I get really frustrated when I want to push past a roadblock but can’t seem to figure it out.  It drains your energy, makes you frustrated and just sucks. 

Unlimited thinking is a tool of getting out of your own way.  Your brain can always find solutions if you give it the freedom to do so.  Focus it, direct it and ask for ALL possible solutions including ones you haven’t contemplated. 

When I get really stuck I write.  I write down the problem and all my questions, allowing whatever thoughts come to my mind.  I don’t judge it, I just give my brain freedom.  I may not get the whole answer but I always make some progress and that feels good. 

The best advice I can give is to allow yourself freedom for solutions that don’t need to fit into a perfect little box that’s made up from your past or what society decides.  Your solution is your solution, not someone else’s.