Don’t be shy about asking for help.  It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.
– unknown author

I just met the biggest deadline of my year.  People often think April 15th is our biggest deadline, but it’s actually the second.  March 15th is when the business returns are due and often we only have 30 days (if we’re lucky) to get everything done.  Gee thanks IRS..
In search of a pick me up, I grabbed the ol’ standby Chicken Soup for the Soul book.  This one, “The Power of Positive”.  Several stories in I came across this header – Strong Enough to ask for Help.  When I read the quote above I thought, how fitting.
Why is it that we don’t ask for help?  Pride, ego, controlling, extreme giver to name a few.  Or the typical I can do it better myself.  Where is this really getting us?  God forbid we show any sign of weakness and ask for help.  What would happen, would we combust on the spot?!  I’m guilty of not asking for help, and I have no excuse that I can come up with to explain why I don’t ask for help.  I even have people in my life I would love if they’d let me fully unleash my help upon them.  So what gives? 
This concept kind of blew my mind. 

Asking for help shows wisdom and strength not weakness or incompetence.

That’s awesome!  Obviously we don’t want to become obnoxious and do nothing for ourselves.  It’s pretty safe to say if you’re the opposite extreme I don’t think you’ll abuse the concept. 
While digesting this I forced my brain out of its normal MO and tossed around some thoughts of what a change in perspective this could bring.  How amazing would people that care about you feel if you allowed them to help you.  We all have our natural talents, completely unique and individual.  Why not allow someone you respect to bring their talent to the table and help?  They’ll feel good about themselves while impressing you with their hard earned talent.  You’ll get the benefit from said talent and together you’ll rise to a higher level.  There’s no ego here, no I’m better then you are.  My gosh, imagine how life would improve if we all thought this way.
This concept has been studied in tons of ways and is often referred to as a MasterMind Group.  As brilliant as one person might be, when they come together with one or more folks and all share the same desired goal the group will collectively elevate to a higher level.  Makes sense, I’ve personally experienced this in my life several times.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness people at their best fully united. Key, you must let them in.
Its soooo easy to fall back into the routine of taking care of everything yourself because you are the giver and that’s just the way it is.  Perhaps asking for help really is a sign of strength, allowing yourself to let go and admit someone might be better at a certain skill then you. Maybe they’re not better, but perhaps it would mean the world to them if you allowed them to help you. 

If we have people that actually want to help us I’m pretty sure we should treasure them and embrace being wise and asking for their help.