Due to it's finicky nature, we are replacing our portal with a new electronic tax return delivery system, SafeSend. 

While our portal is part of our extremely robust accounting software suite from Thomson Reuters, one of the top global CPA firm software providers, they really left us wanting more with their dated and unreliable portal. They have all their focus on the tax/accounting software which is super, but not so much on the portal side. They must have known they were falling short because they partnered with SafeSend who specializes in sending and receiving documents securely in the CPA industry.

So we checked them out and liked what we saw. Actually, we were super impressed and slightly embarrassed how dated and difficult our portal was.

After several months of training and implementation we are rolling out SafeSend to deliver your tax return when you select our electronic option vs paper copy. We will be ending our online portal any day now.

We previously used SafeSend for years to send secure emails with sensitive documents, we found it easy, reliable and safe. It bailed us out when the portal fell flat. So we simply upgraded our software suite to more features knowing from experience it worked well.

What to expect?

Now, when we send you a tax return electronically it will be entirely email driven. No more website to log into and remembering a user name and password. Instead, you'll receive an email, click to get a one-time access code (which will email directly to you) and you're in. 

Once inside you'll experience a beautiful layout that guides you through each screen to review your tax return, see refunds/taxes due, print payment or quarterlies vouchers, sign efile forms electronically or print them to sign.

Need to email your taxes to a third party? There's an option to forward your tax return right here by entering their email address and off it goes, using our platform to send it to them securely.

Coordinating spouse signatures for efile forms can be a pain. Here, you control it by entering their email and seeing from your home screen if they haven't signed yet. You can even send a reminder with one click. 

Set email reminder preferences for quarterly due dates to get an automatic reminder x days before the due date. Use the feature to mark them paid to track for your records and to tell us! You'll see all your quarterlies here and can download vouchers anytime, or click the link to pay them online. 

For business returns you can even enter partner emails to send them K1s electronically.

Sounds pretty sweet right! We think so. While it can be hard to let go of a dedicated online portal to go to, we're really focused on SIMPLE as we move Ona forward and ditching one more user/password for you to remember is a good thing. Financial institutions use access code technology to keep your data secure when emailing.

What about sending us data?

Sending us information has also gotten a simplified makeover. Simply click this link to Secure Send us anything you need to. Inside is an email format, select the Ona team member you want to send to and drag/drop or upload your docs and we will be emailed. This link will always be on our website for you to access and in our email signatures.

What about tax organizers?

Those are getting a robust overhaul too. We'll be emailing your tax organizer the same way come January. It will be a fillable PDF document you can type into. Each page allows you to attach tax documents so if you're on the interest/dividend page you can attach those docs right there, or the rental page, etc. If that's too much just attached your documents at the end all at once. Every page of the organizer has a notes section where you can type a note to us related to that page.

Again, the goal is simple, easy, secure and complete. We hope these upgrades make working with us all of these things.