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Most People Struggle with Money

Posted by Shannon Reichelt on
Most People Struggle with Money

We help you take control so you can live better.

Money shame is an epidemic that hits us all. To think it’s an issue for low-income folks only is a wild understatement. We all struggle with how to handle our day-to-day money, and for some odd reason we do so in silence as if we’re supposed to have this knowledge already. But we don’t and we live in a hamster wheel.
Personal finance is rarely taught in school at any grade, including college. We learn from osmosis of our parents and by winging it. Clearly we have a number of scars from our winged failures. What if there was an order to how you divvy out your dollars?
There is, and that’s what I’ve been deeply learning this year directly with Dave Ramsey Solutions. Dave and his team are the #1 leaders in Personal Finance in the country providing hope for those seeking financial peace. You may be familiar with Dave’s radio show where he helps callers on air with money struggles. He might be a tad prickly at times, but when you become engulfed in how he runs his company, they are a refreshing mix of serious moral compass and mission. They’ve been doing it for many decades and adding 200 new employees a year to their existing 700, I’d say they know what’s up.
Helping businesses with money has been something we love to do here at OnaWay through our OnaBooks bookkeeping wing. When the opportunity presented itself to go to school and become a Ramsey Financial Coach and help on the personal finance side of money it deeply hit home.
My earliest childhood memories are scarred with fights over money. Security was shaky and you always knew when presents were given perhaps they shouldn’t have been because a fight would breakout when the credit card bills came in. Sadly my family is still marred by money struggles. When they say it’s 80% behavior, I can promise you that it’s true. And if you think it doesn’t affect your children, it does.

We are all impacted by our parent’s relationship with money whether we realize it or not. We might become workaholics or have an aversion to money thinking it is the root of all evil. I did. This stems from a Bible quote that was twisted incorrectly. It actually says “for the love of money is the root of all evil” Money itself isn’t evil; it’s when you covet or love money that it turns into the root of all evil.


I think we secretly know some folks that illustrate the love of money. Realizing that making money is ok, you can kick any guilt around having it and focus on gaining financial peace and security for everything you love. This is the adventure I wanted in my life, and Bill and I have made MASSIVE strides towards our own financial peace using the very program I am so excited to share with you!
OnaMoney is our new personal finance coaching program where I teach you Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps to learn how to change your money behaviors and gain momentum. If you follow these steps there’s almost no way to fail. I combine his knowledge with my own as a CPA helping, gosh, thousands of folks with taxes, bank financing, accounting/bookkeeping systems and running companies. It was exciting to see the two worlds unit. Ramsey’s crew is pretty excited too! They spoke about us in their 750 person staff meeting and we received excited calls and emails from folks, supporting us. This picture is of me, Dave and Chris Hogan at Dave’s house in Nashville. They help us help you.
I’ve outlined everything you need to know about the program in this OnaMoney Experience presentation including FAQ, pricing and what’s included. The price includes prep time before the meeting, 1 hour session with me, prep time to compile at least 3 Action Steps after our session and a copy of Dave’s #1 Best Seller the Total Money Makeover. It’s a small investment, some might say I have debt I shouldn’t rack up more! If you are serious about commanding your money once and for all, the fee for this can be found easily. I always say it’s just a matter of priority. You will recoup this fee in a heartbeat with this knowledge. If you want follow-up sessions I have info on that too.
My dream is that we join the crusade to help as many people as possible grow to be mighty with their money. That no child has to feel family money pain no matter what age it plagues you. That we become wise and never fall victim of those we entrust to handle our money who fee us to death.
We feel this so deeply that we’ve sponsored RamseyEducation to provide a personal financial literacy curriculum for students at Smith Vocational High School in Northampton. Where would we be if we had learned this information in high school or earlier? In a much different place I’m sure. With the success of the OnaMoney program we will seek to sponsor more local schools.  
Give yourself the gift of financial peace, check out the OnaMoney Experience and give us a call or email to get going. We won’t judge where you are on your journey no matter how much or little you make, this is about mission and changing lives.

OnaMoney Experience (click to learn more)

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