Over the next 5 years we'll have annual increases in minimum wages, paid family leave changes, and pay for Sundays/Holidays

Minimum Wages Changes (Mass only)

2019 - standard wages $12.00  |  tipped wages $4.35
2020 - standard wages $12.75  |  tipped wages $4.95
2021 - standard wages $13.50  |  tipped wages $5.55
2022 - standard wages $14.25  |  tipped wages $6.15
2023 - standard wages $15.00  |  tipped wages $6.75


Mandatory time and half for working Sundays and Holidays is being phased out

2019 - 1.4 of regular pay (not 1.5 or time and a half)
2020 - 1.3 of regular pay
2021 - 1.2 of regular pay
2022 - 1.1 of regular pay
2023 - 1.0 regular pay only

Family Medical Leave Act (coming in 2020)

A new payroll tax will be established to fund payment to employees that are eligible for Family Medical Leave. Family Medical Leave is a program offered by the state where anyone can apply with the state to receive benefits. Eligibility requirements apply. The pool is funded by this new payroll tax. As of now it is not determined which state department will administer the plan.

This tax will start to be collected 1/1/20. This rate is subject to change annually on October 1 for the next calendar year. Initial rate of tax is set at .63% (that's point 63%, not 63%!)

The new provisions of this act need to be prominently displayed so that all employees have access to view. Must be in English and other languages based on the employee base. Failure to properly disclose this information will be a penalty of $50 per employee per year. This posting is required by July 1, 2019. 

For those of you using our OnaPayroll service your payroll preparer will touch base regarding employees impacted by the new rate for January 1, 2019.