Things are changing and so are we.


Hi folks,

The ride continues on making the 'right' decisions on all things covid. There's a wide gap in personal perspective and it's important we respect all sides. Here is our current stance...

  • We've re-opened in-person meetings.

  • If you are fully vaccinated, including the 2 week period, you may visit our office mask free. 

  • If you are NOT vaccinated, we ask that you wear a mask while interacting with our team.

If you see members of our team mask-free, rest assured we have verified their vaccination status. Members wearing masks, choose to do so on a personal basis or have not been fully vaccinated. We will require anyone on our team that is not fully vaccinated, to wear their masks.

We respect your wishes, if you would like to mask-up during a meeting, even fully vaccinated, we are happy to oblige! 

Let's all continue to be safe, compassionate and kind to everyone right now.