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the Story of Ona

Why did I form Ona? 

Because I was lost. I was chasing after something that I had no idea what it was or where it would come from. Not knowing was torturous. 

Ona began as a question. What is my purpose? I felt this pull within me to serve people in an extraordinary way, yet I didn't know how. I felt I was constantly letting myself down, in spite of my other successes. It left me on a relentless search for something. I was frustrated, lonely, sad, hallow, mixed with spikes of joy, passion and excitement as I sped towards new directions desperately searching for that thing that would satiate this relentless unknown purpose. Only to be reunited with my old friend torture because I hadn't found the elusive purpose after all. I didn't want to keep feeling this way and watching my life cruise by in a haze of frustration. I wanted answers, clarity, direction and the sheer joy that comes when you are following your path.

I looked to everyone else to give me the answer. Until I realized there was no way anyone could do that for me. I had to go within. My journey within was painful, enlightening and awe inspiring. It brought stunning people into my life whom I call OnaFriends. These friends run deeply, they enrich your life on a level that I personally had never known. My journey taught me how to appreciate the people that left my life whose chapters had ended yet left an imprint on my heart. It taught me how to be alone but not alone. How to rise above the muck when all I wanted to do was sink within it. It showed me how to see miracles big and small everyday, not just once in a lifetime. How to be a fighter and find confidence and power. It taught me love, kindness and an open heart on a much deeper level.

In the search for my purpose Ona became a way of life for me. As I write this I can say with a light so strong and bright within that this journey on how to find your light and shine was my purpose all along. It has filled my life with awe and wonder, confidence and power, love that comes behind the pain, and lessons that bring clarity and evolve your soul. Along with a never-ending spirit that anything is possible.

Ona is a way of life. It’s dedicating to finding your light and shining as brightly as a star on the ground. It is pushing yourself to grow and evolve to the absolute best version of you that there is. It’s finding your own answers and grabbing it with both hands and running fearlessly with it. Ona is about living a life beyond what you can imagine, just because you can. 

This is what I want for you.

So what is Ona?

Ona is a process for anyone who needs lifting. Guided writing is a powerful tool to tap into your inner insights. Use what resides resoundingly right within you. Every word the OnaTeam puts out there is to bring you closer to finding your Fortitude. To find your own bolts of lightning to snap your funk and let the light shine!

Welcome to the Ona Way, life will never be the same again. To the gloriousness of finding your own light and shining!