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the OnaTeam

The OnaTeam is a collaborative bunch.

Engage one, Engage all

When you join the OnaWay community the whole OnaTeam gets into action. You'll interact with members of the OnaTeam who specialize in your specific area of need allowing you to form a true connection together. Our team likes each other which means the right hand talks with the left. This also gives you access to many specialties.

Translation - relief, saved fees, true connection.


Shannon Reichelt, CPA

Founder & all OnaWay Services


Shannon founded the original CPA firm S. Reichelt & Company LLC in 2006 shortly thereafter came Leap Bookkeeping. As the businesses grew and her journey as a business owner continued she developed a true love & desire to help other owners deal with running their businesses. She’s a constant inspiration sharing her own lessons learned to selflessly aid others. 

The OnaWay was a long time concept of creating one place as a safe haven for people needing various services to help gain control over their money. This is a personal connection to Shannon as she has been impacted since childhood on the negatives money can play in our lives. Now successful in her own right she’s dedicated to help prevent similar pains for others personally or professionally.

Shannon is the creative behind the OnaWay and manages the company. She is the master-mind behind OnaLife, writing all original content. She specializes in working with small businesses including entity strategy, cash-flow management, accounting system development, plans for business and personal income taxes, and coaching. She also heads up the OnaMoney team helping people win with their day-to-day money.

Shannon graduated from Westfield State University in 2001 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management/Accounting and earned her CPA license in 2006. She has joined forces with Dave Ramsey Solutions becoming a Designated Master Financial Coach and Endorsed Local Provider (elp). 

When she’s not working or helping others, she loves to read, write, design spaces, be creative with Ona and create new ways to help people. Travel abroad is a new love and diving into faith. Of course spending time with friends and husband Bill and their beautiful bulldogs Grace & Karma.

Bill Reichelt, CPA/ABV


We like to call Bill our technical brilliance! His public accounting career spans over 45 years with taxation as his specialty. Bill is lead of the OnaTax team. He works with businesses and individuals on all taxation issues from the highly complex to the simple. He has extensive experience with all types of individual and business entities.

In addition to his tax expertise, Bill is also a business valuation expert. He is an Accredited Business Valuation (ABV) Specialist, licensed by the AICPA and provides business valuation services to clients, banks, investors, and other interested parties.

Bill's credentials: he earned his CPA license in 1982 and has been a licensed ABV Specialist since 2001 and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. He is the longstanding Treasurer of the Rotary Club of West Springfield. Bill graduated from The University of Connecticut in 1978 with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and earned his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Western New England College in 1985.

That’s a long list of educational credentials, but what we love most at the OnaWay about Bill is that he takes that technical knowledge and combines it with a warm caring presence. Bill is a kind gentle soul with a keen intellect. You won’t feel inferior speaking with him on topics of high technical nature.

On the personal front Bill loves to read, golf, visit with his family, but we think we might all come second to his love of his bulldogs Grace & Karma! His wife is Shannon and he has two sons, Chris, a fellow accountant and Will, the Mayor of West Springfield.  


Alicia Gonsalves

OnaBooks, OnaTax, OnaPayroll


Alicia is a senior member of the OnaTeam and integral part of the firm. She leads the OnaBooks & OnaPayroll departments as well as working with clients in the OnaTax sector.  Originally, she managed the firms’ finances with Shannon and became a natural at helping design systems and flow. She now does that directly with other small businesses. She is easily becoming expert at designing organized, systematic processes that nail both accuracy and efficiency.

Personally Alicia is a mix of genuine goodness & unrivaled discipline. She is a HARD worker, dedicated, loyal, sweet and kind, an ideal teammate. But make no mistake she knows her craft and expects excellence in whatever she does.

Alicia graduated from Westfield State University in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and received her Master's Degree in Accounting in 2015. She is currently studying for the CPA exam.

Alicia loves her husband Sean, her fam, music, traveling anywhere and everywhere, and pushing herself to higher levels of personal best.









 Shana Skubiszewski

OnaWay Office Manager, OnaBooks, OnaPayroll







Shana brings the light to the OnaWay! Her vibes are infectious and its super clear she loves people. Shana is the voice on the line when you call and the ring leader of everything OnaWay. It impossible to list everything she does so let’s just say it’s everything! Office Manager is too little a title but that’s what we roll with.

What do we love best about Shana? There isn’t one thing but many. There should be more in the world that help others selflessly and with their whole hearts. If she’s helping you with anything at the OnaWay you are with someone that will help make your life better.

Shana’s natural knack for marketing has led her to go back to school and work towards obtaining a marketing degree. She & Shannon create all the OnaWay branding and content you’ll experience.

Shana and her longtime boyfriend Mike have a couple furry friends, Jackson and Zoe AND she’s sisters with Alicia! She loves time with friends/fam, music, tattoos, anything and everything creative and being by the water.


Randi Sucharzewski

OnaBooks, OnaPayroll

Randi is a member of our OnaBooks & OnaPayroll team. Directly managing her own group of clients, Randi skillfully keeps your books organized, timely and on point.

What we admire about Randi is her heart. She strives to take care of everyone she encounters at a level far beyond what’s expected. She’s hard on herself, but its only because her big heart wants to take care of the world!

Randi’s background hails from the world of finance working at large groups such as Mass Mutual & Charter Oak in the insurance and financial services area.

Randi has a stunning family including husband Mike, little cutie daughters, Sawyer & Salem and pups, Huck & Willow. Clearly she has a knack for cool names! When Randi might get a free second while raising a young thriving family she enjoys animals, re-designing their home, holistic remedies/well-being, and nature.

 Grace Reichelt

Mood Uplifter










Grace is a master at emptying the garbage cans, leaving no stone un-turned. She enjoys swimming, snuggles, beating up her sister Karma, pizza crust, and tasty bones. Grace is always smiling!

Karma Maze Reichelt

Mood Uplifter 2.0









Karma enjoys snorting, laying in the sun, chewing on her sister Grace, eating and naps. Her greatest joys are greeting people & snuggles. She has a serious crush on the mailman. 

















This Could Be YOU

Join the OnaTeam and get ready to MATTER




Do you see yourself listed as a member of the OnaTeam? Do you live by the same Milk Crates & Trenches philosophy found in our OnaWay post and have been desperate to find your people? If core values resonate deeply with you and you long for a place that combines honoring them, lifting others, and achieving purpose, you should reach out to us. It's hard to find people with heart & soul. When you do, hang on. 


We are currently looking for help in all OnaServices. If we resonate with you and you don't have degrees in Accounting we still want to hear from you. Connect with Shana, tell her what hit a cord with you and what you are searching for in your career. Email her at


Fulfillment can be had in your work, when that happens your whole life rises.