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OnaWay Services

Our services are focused into departments representing key areas you need to be intentional about with your money. Our team likes each other which means the right hand talks with the left.

Translation - relief, saved fees, true connection.





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OnaBooks & OnaPayroll


Completing the OnaWay services is OnaLife. At the OnaWay we know the power our thoughts, beliefs & perspectives have on everything in our life. Our work is a reflection of who we are in whole. OnaLife is a free blog series where Founder, Shannon shares the lessons she learns while continuing her own quest. Shannon is blessed to find herself in the room with many greats in their industry and brings their rich wisdom to you.

Included in these free posts are topics on how we can rise to higher levels of thinking and conducting ourselves to be a better leader, family member or friend. Be prepared to have your thoughts provoked. Above all be open to growing your own spirit so that you may impact others like never before. 

Expanding upon this belief of being a resource to you, we now have a weekly radio show and podcast called the OnaWay Money Show. Listen on WHMP 101.5 Saturday mornings at 9:30 or catch past episodes on WHMP's website, Soundcloud, or follow us on podcast, just search OnaWay


the OnaWay Code of Conduct

We believe in ending the emotional violence money can cause in our lives if we allow it to. To truly win with money is to build your own moral character as well as taking tactical steps to progress. We believe in good honest work & being a good honest person. The OnaWay will never conduct business with the mindset of benefiting ourselves at the expense of you. Our trusted partners are also expected to honor this code.

To grow and be worthy of additional resources will come upon the shoulders of whom is mentally ready & mature to manage its responsibilities.

It is our goal to help you be mentally ready and mature to handle its awesome power. It is the power to lift or destroy.

We are dedicated to those who choose to do good work & be a good person. We are a safe haven welcoming you no matter where you are in your financial journey.  

We are a place of open acceptance, trust, loyalty and of moral compass.