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Below you will see everything we offer at the OnaWay

We have designed our services into departments representing key areas you need to focus on that influence your money.  

It's crazy to think emotions can be left out of business or finances. We leave the emotion but help take it from draining to exhilarating! 




We know taxes. Whether its personal or business we have over 40 years experience within our CPA OnaTax team. What makes our tax team excellent is that we combine formal education with our own personal experience of owning and running multiple businesses. Not to mention the countless other businesses we've worked with along the way. We have experience, period. 

Need tax planning to ensure your quarterly estimates are in line? For a low flat fee we can connect at key times throughout the year removing the unknown from April 15th. Tax planning is for strategizing possible tax saving opportunities AND removing the emotional terror of unknown taxes. It's always better to know. 

Tax planning is a tag-team collaboration we do together. It begins in late August before the September 15th quarterly due date. We discuss how the year is going, obtain year-to-date numbers, help you project the remaining year profit, and prepare the tax projection. This provides you with an estimate of current year taxes owed so that you can make informed decisions we well as adjust quarterlies up or down. Tax planning puts you in control versus waiting for the verdict. For people with fluctuating incomes this is highly recommended.


OnaBooks is our bookkeeping/accounting wing. Every business is unique and we have several services to fit any need or budget. When you own a business ruling your money is paramount for its vitality. Being business owners ourselves, we know that you must stay intimately involved with your money. Our services force you to stay engaged yet get the help you need so you're not bogged down with the routine of bookkeeping. Ultimately you are responsible for your business’s financial health, we help make that easy and clear.

After-the-fact (ATF) bookkeeping is our most affordable option but by no means a lesser value. Bookkeeping is prepared by us directly from your bank and credit card statements using Quickbooks. We enter all deposit and expense transactions and reconcile statements monthly. You receive properly posted cash basis financial statements monthly. The benefits are many. Our favorites include, knowing your numbers monthly to make powerful decisions and the simplicity of tax time when everything is ready. Zero stress. Fees are based on the size of your bank/credit card statements and are a flat monthly fee. If you want to ease into outsourced bookkeeping this is the perfect option and the fees are much more affordable than you might think.

TagTeam is all about collaboration. You do some, we do some. Your office or ours, we’ll handle as much or as little as you like. This service is for those that have someone on the ground handling the day to day but need a partner to handle aspects of the accounting. This is an excellent option for an added layer of security. Fees are a flat monthly rate. 

Full OnaBooks - What do you do when you need someone to manage the bills? We get asked that a lot. This is when you need our Full OnaBooks service. Done virtually at our office or in conjunction with meeting at yours. We have a tight process for managing a business’s books that shaves time off the job and produces an impeccable product. We make a weekly commitment based on your needs. Fees are a flat weekly rate. If you need additional time we invoice you hourly and bill at the end of the month for any hours beyond the contracted time. Additional time is only incurred when requested by you. 


Our payroll services are designed for folks partaking in other OnaWay services. It’s a necessary aspect of your business and the perk of OnaPayroll is that you’ll work with the same OnaTeam. We simply do more than a typical payroll service and don’t charge a’la cart. We take the mystery out of your payroll processing costs with transparency of one flat monthly fee.

Our payroll service includes the following:

  • Full direct deposit
  • Impounding & remittance of all payroll taxes per pay period
  • Manual accounting of employee accruable benefits
  • Filing of all tax returns, monthly, quarterly and annually (including W2’s)
  • Maintaining government federal and state online logins
  • Managing new Mass EMAC filings and payment remittance
  • For new employers, filing new employer payroll registrations
  • Online employer secure portal to access payroll reports, quarterly tax filings & W2’s
  • Online employee portals to access paystubs & W2s


An exciting addition to the ranks is OnaMoney. Managing your day-to-day money can spin anyone into a never ending hamster wheel. We weren't taught what to do with our money, how to spend, or what to save. Money struggles plagued founder Shannon's upbringing, she wanted to stop that cycle so she joined forces with a national leader in personal finance, Dave Ramsey Solutions. Shannon worked the process in both her own personal finances and business cash-flow and man, what a life changer! We took this proven system added it to our know-how on everything from taxes to operating a business and now help people create good money habits, behaviors and plans. This is all about being intentional with your money, knowing where its going vs wondering where it went. 

Officially, Shannon went to school and became one of Ramsey Solutions  Designated Master Financial Coaches. This gives us access to their team and tools on a massive level. Not to be confused with financial planners, we are not selling insurance, retirement products, or managing investments. We help you win with your day-to-day money habits so you can pay off debt, plan for life events, build wealth and be a giver.

In these OnaMoney sessions you'll learn the 7 Baby Steps giving you a foundation for ruling your day-to-day money. We'll get clear on what your assets & liabilities are as well as income & expenses. We'll teach you that a budget is not a constricting chain but rather a means to direct exactly where your money goes. Use a free cool app like EveryDollar to create your budget, or kick it with a spreadsheet or pencil and paper! The goal is replacing bad money behaviors with good ones and move towards a debt-free, wealth building, giving life. And you know what... DREAM and PLAN for what you want in life. Such a thing really does exist! That’s the goal of OnaMoney.


Completing the OnaWay services is OnaLife. At the OnaWay we know the power of your thoughts, beliefs & perspectives can guide you in various ways, sometimes healthy sometimes not.

What causes us to not achieve greatness in our lives? The answer is ourselves. OnaLife is dedicated to helping you find your way out of choppy waters and onto a sun filled beach where you enthusiastically reach for your highest self. Founder Shannon shares the lessons she learns while continuing her own quest. Included in these free posts are topics on how we can rise to higher levels of thinking and conducting ourselves to be a better leader, family member or friend. Be prepared to have your thoughts provoked. Above all be open to growing your own spirit so that you may Love.Light.Lift others like never before. 


the OnaWay Code of Conduct

We believe in ending the emotional violence money can cause in our lives if we allow it too. To truly win with money is to build your own moral character as well as taking tactical steps to progress. We believe in good honest work & being a good honest person. The OnaWay will never conduct business with the mindset of benefiting ourselves at the expense of you. Our trusted partners are also expected to honor this code.

To grow and be worthy of additional resources will come upon the shoulders of whom is mentally ready & mature to manage its responsibilities.

It is our goal to help you be mentally ready and mature to handle its awesome power. It is the power to lift or destroy.

We are dedicated to those who choose to do good work & be a good person. We are a safe haven welcoming you no matter where you are in your financial journey.  

We are a place of open acceptance, trust, loyalty and of moral compass.