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Is money the root of all evil? It doesn't have to be. Learn healthy day-to-day money habits so you can gain financial security for everything you love.


Our money coaching is a private and personal experience between you and our Founder, Shannon, to dive into your financial health, breakdown limiting beliefs you may have developed in your past about your relationship with money and build new healthy habits that steer you towards financial prowess. 


It's critical to tackle beliefs about money first before we can build towards success. Think of the folks who win the lottery, only to be broke once again shortly thereafter. Why did that happen? Because they were given money, but they never changed their habits and psychology about it. 


Shannon combined her financial knowledge from being a CPA, owning multiple businesses, working with thousands of clients of all income (and mindset) spectrum's and personal finance training with Dave Ramsey Solutions to bring to you practical, common sense, tried and true wisdom. Just check out her popular radio show on WHMP 101.5 or OnaWay Money Show podcast and you'll be convinced she knows what she's talking about. 


This is not your grandmothers formal financial planner meeting.. Shannon's story starts from a destructive childhood upbringing where money was considered the root of all evil and money fights and insecurity were the norm. Choosing to break the cycle, she was the first to go to college in her family, the first to own a business, and the first to have a millionaire net-worth. Nothing was handed to her and the grind was a painful journey as she had to face her own negative relationship with money. Now on the other side, its a deep passion to help everyone have a healthy relationship with money. 


Not sure if you're ready to sit in front of someone and admit you need help? That's okay, there will come a point when the pain of struggle will be more than the initial embarrassment and that's when you'll be ready. 


A coach doesn't judge, especially one that has been in your shoes. They'll meet you right where you are and walk you forward because they've walked the same path already.


the Programs


Personal Finance Coaching

One on One coaching sessions focused on your personal finances. 

Business Finance Coaching

One on One coaching sessions focused on your business and personal finances as one impacts the other. These sessions are for business owners and will focus on healthy money foundations, the state of your accounting system, tax strategies, budgeting/projections and business consulting. It's a thorough bootcamp!  

Employee Coaching

This program is for business owners who want to offer their employee's financial wellness coaching. Money is one of the top causes of stress in your team, helping them gain financial peace is a win for everyone and it's good stewardship.

This is a group training session lead by Shannon, which includes foundation training and Q&A time.   


Use the Contact page to schedule your session today. Check out Shannon's podcasts to see what she's like. Intimidation doesn't exist at the OnaWay, in case you missed it, we're pretty simple, we just want to serve.