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** New mailing address: 15 Atwood Drive, Suite 303, Northampton, MA 01060 ~ (413) 209-8364

Shannon Reichelt, CPA

Shannon founded the original CPA firm S. Reichelt & Company LLC in 2006 and Leap Bookkeeping. As her journey as a business owner continued she developed a true love & desire to help other owners deal with running their businesses. She’s a constant inspiration sharing her own lessons to selflessly aid others. 

The OnaWay was a long time concept of creating a CPA firm that acted as a safe haven for people to help gain control over their money. We say safe haven, because money is riddled with emotion and we wanted to be a safe place where you come first, not our profits. This is personal to Shannon as she has been impacted since childhood on the negatives money can play in our lives. Now successful in her own right, she’s dedicated to help prevent similar pains for others personally and professionally.

Shannon is host of the OnaWay Money Show, a weekly radio show on local WHMP 101.5 and the OnaWay Money podcast. The show is rooted in helping everyone win with money.

She is the Managing Partner of the firm and specializes in working with small business owners on things such as entity selection strategy, cash-flow management, accounting system design, business & personal income taxes, and coaching. Through our OnaMoney coaching program she helps people win with their day-to-day money.

Shannon graduated from Westfield State University in 2001 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management/Accounting and earned her CPA license in 2006. She became a Designated Master Financial Coach with Dave Ramsey in 2018.

When she’s not working or helping others, she loves to read, write, design spaces, be near the water, travel abroad or studying faith. And spending time with her husband Bill and their beautiful bulldogs Grace & Karma.

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