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** New mailing address: 15 Atwood Drive, Suite 303, Northampton, MA 01060 ~ (413) 209-8364

Covid Policy

Posted by Shannon Reichelt on
Covid Policy

Helpful info on how we've changed our operations, interacting together & touch-free options


Hi folks,

It's been a ride hasn't it? Making the 'right' decisions on venturing out into society seems to be a daily battle. There's a wide gap in personal perspective on this and it's important to respect all sides.

Our offices have maintained solid covid precautions this entire time and will continue to do so. Our team wears masks, we sanitize touchable surfaces regularly, installed sneeze guards, practice social distancing between ourselves and clients and have littered the place with hand sanitizer!  Masks are required by anyone coming into our offices and must be worn throughout your visit with us. For the 2021 tax season we have made the tough decision to not have in-person meetings instead opting for virtual meetings.

Our Northampton office is open Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00 for pickup and drop off. 

Greenfield hours starting January 27, 2021 through the end of tax season are Wednesday 8:30-5:00 and Saturday 9:00-12:30. There is a drop-slot in the door you may use anytime to leave us your documents. Seal your documents in one envelope to keep them all together. 

Our touch-free options have become a fan favorite! We've always had these options which made for an easy morph for those choosing to partake. Please feel free to utilize these options to your comfort level. They are outlined below.

Below are more details on how we'll continue to operate and what you can do to get your services done seamlessly during this readjustment time 


Options for getting us your data

  1. Drop-off available Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00 in the Northampton office. 

  2. Mail in your tax documents to: OnaWay, LLC 15 Atwood Drive, Suite 303, Northampton, MA 01060

  3. Upload your tax documents to the portal (touch-free). You will need an account to do so. If you already have an account but forgot your password, you can reset your password at the login screen. If you forgot your user name or need to register for a portal email Shana: Here is a link to login to the portal: OnaPortal

  4. Greenfield drop off available anytime using the drop-slot in the door. Seal your documents in one envelope to keep them all together. 

  5. DO NOT LEAVE DOCUMENTS IN HOLYOKE. We are no longer in that space and have sold the building.

Options for receiving your tax returns

  1. Pick-up available Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00 in the Northampton office. Greenfield pick-up Wednesday 8:30-5:00 and Saturday 9:00-12:30. If you mailed your docs in, your records will be in Northampton for pickup. If you'd like to pickup in our Greenfield office give us a call and we can make that happen. 

  2. Mail: we will mail back to you all tax documents and paper copies of tax returns that you'd normally pickup. Everything you will need to sign and do will be inside that packet along with our standard instruction letter.

  3. Portal: online portal delivery for those who'd like to receive electronic copies of their tax returns and electronically sign efile forms. This option provides everything you'd receive in a paper package online in a personal secure online account. We will mail back any physical tax documents you have us.

**If you need help with the portal contact Shana at 413-209-8364 or

Telephone/web meetings vs in person meetings

We are available for telephone or web(virtual) meetings. Contact our office to schedule either. 413-209-8364 or email:

Kristen for meetings with Bill

Shana for meetings with Shannon  


We sincerely appreciate the patience, loyalty and kindness that you've displayed and no doubt will continue to. It's been one of the hardest seasons in our careers as we balance never-ending regulation changes, waves of inquiries on topics in our wheelhouse and outside of it and our typical heavy workloads. We'll keep adjusting to be the best that we can for you. 

Let's all continue to be safe, compassionate and kind to everyone right now. We love you. 


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