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Coronavirus Policy Update - Offices Closed But We're Still Working

Posted by Shannon Reichelt on
Coronavirus Policy Update - Offices Closed But We're Still Working

Hi folks,

What a time we are all navigating. Needless to say it's uncertain and scary and we're all trying to make the wisest decisions in an ever changing environment. One thing that's an absolute is that we will get through this best when we're compassionate and working together. That's what we plan to do over here at OnaWay.

This is our highest peak of activity for the entire year for our business and closing office visits is an absolute last resort. As much as we love seeing each and every one of you, we don't want to take any chances with anyone's health so we have decided to close both offices, Northampton and Greenfield. 

We are already setup technology wise to be 100% efficient virtually, which means we will be working from home without skipping a beat. We are canceling all in person appointments and replacing them with telephone calls to discuss any of your needs as necessary.

Below are more details on how we'll be operating and what you can do to get your taxes done seamlessly over this short-term readjustment 

Options for getting us your data

  1. Mail in your tax documents to: OnaWay, LLC 15 Atwood Drive, Suite 303, Northampton, MA 01060

  2. Upload your tax documents to the portal. You will need an account to do so. If you already have an account but forgot your password, you can reset your password at the login screen. If you forgot your user name or need to register for a portal email Shana: Here is a link to login to the portal: OnaPortal

  3. Drop off is available in the Greenfield office by using the drop-slot in the door. Our office will not be open but you may drop off your data through this door slot. No one enters our office other than us so you should be secure to do so. Seal your documents in one envelope to keep them all together. We will be stopping in to check for data several times a week.

  4. Northampton does not currently have drop off capabilities 

  5. DO NOT LEAVE DOCUMENTS IN HOLYOKE. We are no longer in that space and have sold the building.

Options for receiving your tax returns

  1. Mail: we will mail back to you all tax documents and paper copies of tax returns that you'd normally pickup. Everything you will need to sign and do will be inside that packet along with our standard instruction letter.

  2. Portal: online portal delivery for those who'd like to receive electronic copies of their tax returns and electronically sign efile forms. This option provides everything you'd receive in a paper package online in a personal secure online account. We will mail back any physical tax documents you have us.

We will be checking and sending out mail frequently. Our team all receive emails when you have uploaded documents to the portal and we have a tight system in place for obtaining those documents that will continue in effect.

**If you need help with the portal contact Shana at 413-209-8364 or

Telephone meetings vs in person meetings

If you normally have an in-person meeting with Bill or Shannon and would like a telephone meeting we suggest scheduling that once we have received your tax document so that we will have them in hand while talking. Please include a note on top of your tax documents to request a telephone meeting, once we receive the package Shana will reach out to schedule the call. You may also call or email her that you'd like a telephone meeting and she'll do so once we have your documents in hand. 413-209-8364 or


We truly hope that you understand how difficult it was for us to close our offices and know it absolutely was a last resort. We are adjusting how we're working but we're STILL working. We just ask that you work with us and be flexible to our normal manner of business, which we cannot wait to get back to!

Let's all be safe, compassionate and kind to everyone right now. We love you. 


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